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contoh Statement sidang Organization of American State

Statement of Delegation of Ecuador

First of all, the Delegation of Ecuador would like to congratulate the chairman for your appointment as the Chairman of this important meeting. I believe that under your wise and able chairmanship, the meeting will come to the successful one.

Then my Delegation will express my opinion on the first agenda of the meeting, namely Free Trade Area of Americas

In line with my country’s economic policy, I would like to state that the Idea of free trade is not important for reconstruction economic in American region. My country consider that domestic economic of Ecuador still worsen. Last time Ecuador using economic neo Liberal and have relation with World Bank and IMF but this case make Ecuador has more national debts. Ecuador is poor country in Latin America and has many problem of economic such as proverty until 45 %, and stagnant of economic. My country not ready to follow free trade because my country’s economic problem. Commodity and trade in Ecuador unable to compete with all America’s countries so to protection domestic commodity Ecuador push away free trade area of Americas. In addition, after problem with Occidental Company in 2006, relation Ecuador and United State become tight, Ecuador government claim the agreement of the exploitation of oil is not legal and agreement free trade area can’t be implemented.

Based on my country’s domestic policy, Ecuador will preserve domestic stability. People of Ecuador push away free trade because free trade make economic stability of Ecuador decrease and they claim free trade is a tool of imperialism for exploitation of Latin America. My country wants to follow what the people’s desire, since demonstration disturber’s national stability. New government under President Rafael Correa make new policy to change economic neo liberal and completely remove national debt with make relation with giver loan country finish. Signature free trade just makes asymmetry class rich and poor worsen.

In line with my country’s foreign policy, Ecuador is a member of MERCOSUR, it is Southern Common Market. So Ecuador still supports this common market to be successful market in America. Free trade area of America is a tool of United States to dominate economic in Latin America.

On the second agenda of the meeting, The Restructuring of the United Nations. Based on my country’s foreign policy, I would like to support the idea of restructuring this important organization. Security Council is primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. It is not fair that only developed and big country have special right of veto. Ecuador feels important if one country in Latin America have special right to be permanent member of Security Council. This is the reason why Ecuador supports to restructuring of United Nations. Latin America has several reasons why permanent member is very important, because Latin America has any strategic area, which have more countries, and also big population in Americas. To support Latin America interest, the increasing permanent members of Security Council is very important.

However Ecuador has not enough qualification to be a permanent member of Security Council, because Ecuador’s economic still worsens, unstable in domestic politic and security. But Ecuador support that one country in Latin America should have to be a permanent member to accommodate the Latin America interest.

In conclusion, my delegation against of the Free Trade Area of Americas based on my country’s economic, domestic, and foreign policy. For second Agenda, my delegation in favor of the Restructuring of United Nations based on my country foreign policy.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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